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Why Do Hundreds Of Upper Dublin And Springfield Parents Choose Us Over All Other Schools?

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What Makes Us So Much Better Than Other Karate Schools? Introducing 'The Personal Power 6-Point Success System'

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    Expert Instructors Who Are Great Role-Models For Your Child To Emulate

    Our greatest asset? Easy! It's our team of expertly-trained instructors. Hand picked by Master Zohar to teach alongside him, every assistant instructor is selected not just for their martial arts skills, but for their character, personality and being positive Role-Models. In other words, they are wonderful people who love sharing the benefits of martial arts. Once selected for our Instructor Certification Program, they undergo extensive on-going professional training to insure your child will receive only the safest, most professional instruction and care.

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    Curriculum Designed To Bring Out The Best In Your Child

    In the "old days" the personal development benefits of martial arts came as a "side-effect" of hard, strict, military-like training. That was fine for adult "tough guys" but it's not very effective for teaching kids. In contrast, at Personal Power Martial Arts, personal development and building character are our main objectives. Our unique curriculum was developed by Master Ran Zohar over 20 years of research and teaching experience, and is proven to instill these life skills in children as young as 4, in a positive, disciplined-yet-fun atmosphere.

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    Positive Reinforcement For Effort, Improvement and Achievement

    At the Dojo, your child will earn new color belts for martial arts skills. At home, school, and everywhere else, they will earn rewards, medals and trophies for improving behavior, getting better grades, listening to parents, and more. This ongoing positive feedback, recognition of accomplishment, incentives for improvement, applause, smiles, and high-fives will systematically empower your child with the “Yes, I Can!” attitude.

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    Classes That Balance Fun and Excitement With Structure and Positive Discipline

    No screaming kids running wild here... You'll be amazed at how much fun your child can have in a structured, respectful, disciplined, yet positive and high energy class. More importantly, you'll understand how our well-managed class experience is a key ingredient in bringing out the best in your child not just at the Dojo, but at home, school, and other activities.

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    Life Lessons That Inspire Kids To Be Their Best

    Every class contains a "Mat Chat" where Master Zohar shares important life-skill lessons in an impactful style. These lessons range from role-playing "anger management" techniques with the kids, to inspiring stories about courage and perseverance. Watch the videos down the page to see these lessons in action.

  • 6

    Real-World Self Defense Skills For Dealing With Bullies and Predators

    It's a scary world out there isn't it? It seems like every week we here a tragic story about bullying or a violent predator harming a child. We will empower your child with the a full range of skills from standing up to the school-bus bully to escaping a predator attempting to snatch them. Watch the videos down the page to see these lessons in action.



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We value your privacy and would never spam you

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