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Lisa Jacobucci Boyle reviewed Personal Power Martial Arts
via Facebook

All 4 of my children attend Personal Power Martial Arts-- 3 in Taekwondo and 1 in Kickboxing. I can say without hesitation that Master Zohar and his staff care deeply about their students and bring out the very best in them. Not only are my children gaining proficiency in self-defense and becoming physically fit, they are being taught life skills that will serve them well including how to deal with bullies and conflict resolution. Their increase in confidence and concentration is evident. They love Personal Power Martial Arts and it shows!

Carly Schulman reviewed Personal Power Martial Arts
via Facebook

There aren't many family activities where a parent can truly be learning something for the first time at the same time as their kids, and even fewer places that can fully nurture adults and kids while doing it. My black belt wife joined my 4 year old son and I as we started our tae kwon do journey, and if asked, all three of us would say the class was geared towards us. As a teacher, a therapist, a partner, a parent, and a person, I truly can not say enough about Master Zohar, his assistants, or the things that we are all gaining from his class.

Geoffrey Jackson reviewed Personal Power Martial Arts
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This is a great Dojo, with a great staff, all led by Master Ran Zohar - a martial arts professional who really connects with the kids, gives them positive lessons and perspectives, and helps them achieve their goals. Things are run in a courteous, respectful way -- with clear boundaries -- but it's also all very fun, relaxed, and fluid for the kids and families. Highest marks possible to this place - 5 stars.

Michelle Brouse reviewed Personal Power Martial Arts
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Highly recommend! Master Zohar provides fun, motivation, and discipline for kids.

Loretta Sullivan Chang reviewed Personal Power Martial Arts
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Personal Power Martial Arts has been a wonderful experience for my boys. Ran patiently teaches them while instilling discipline and inspiring them to become the best versions of themselves. His instructors have the same dedication to the principles that Ram teaches, and everything is woven together with some humor and a lot of fun. I can’t say enough about the positive impact this dojo has had on my family. I never thought I would like martial arts so much. We love it and we will keep coming back every month. Thank you Ran! From the Chang family.

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The Most Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a Martial Arts School

If you’re a busy Mom you know how time consuming and confusing it is trying to pick the right activity, not to mention the right martial arts school for your kids.

I totally get it. You want to save time, weed-out the “definitely nots” and still make the right decision that will be best for your kids.

Makes perfect sense. But… Are you asking the right questions?

You see, of all the inquiries I get, most parents leave out the MOST IMPORTANT questions that you MUST ask…

The most important things to know BEFORE you spend your time and money, and BEFORE you entrust your child’s  safety, development and well-being with a coach, instructor, or activity director.

I just got off a call with  bust Mom who’s “shopping around” for a karate school for her kids. 

I could tell by the stress in her voice that the “back to school” pressure has started, and that she wanted to “cut to the chase” and make our conversation as quick as possible.

She had only 2 questions:

How much is it?

When are the class?

Sure, these are important questions to ask, but not the most important one.

In actuality, there’s going to be very little difference there between schools when it comes to these.

Schedule-wise, all kids activities are pretty much limited to between 4-7:30 pm, so schedules are going to be similar, and when it comes to pricing all professional schools all charge within $10-20 of each other.

Also, be forewarned that often the price they quote you often doesn’t include additional “hidden” fees like belts, testings, expensive gear you must purchase, “mandatory” clinics, association fees, etc’, so if you’re price-shopping, make sure to ask about these.

So what questions ARE the most important to ask?

First, ask YOURSELF what you want your child to gain from martial arts. 

The right program will do wonders for your kids’ focus, self-control and self-discipline.

Most schools CLAIM to do this, but very few actually have a proven process for teaching powerful life-skills like setting and achieving goals, or showing respect to self and others, so ask them HOW they actually accomplish this.

Once you decide on your goals for you child, look at the school’s website.  You should be able to tell whether their philosophy is inline with yours.

For example, if you’re looking for your 5 year old to gain confidence, enrolling her in a “full contact no holds barred tough guys” school is obviously the wrong choice.

You’ll want to choose a school that specializes in serving kids. This is why you don’t see any pictures of bare-chested, bloodied “champions” on this site. It’s simply not what we do.

NEXT… Who is the instructor that will be teaching my child?

This is a person your child will look up to as a role model, so make sure the values taught are aligned with yours.  

What is this instructor’s background?  What’s their experience?
What’s their reputation like?

Look their personal profile up on social media… Are they cursing up a storm and posting photos of their weekend bender?

Also, remember that great martial arts skills aren’t enough. You’ll want an instructor with great TEACHING skills too.

Finally, after you’ve narrowed down your choice to the school and instructors that seems to be most aligned with what you want for your child, the next step is to have your child try a lesson. 

Look, I know you’re busy, but this is super-important.  You want to SEE for yourself how the instructor interacts with the kids.

You want to see how your child responds to the instructor. You want to see what the culture of the school is.

The right martial arts program can dramatically change and improve your kids’ lives. 

The wrong program can leave them discouraged and even hurt, physically and emotionally.

If you’ve read this far it probably means you and I are on the same page, so fill in your information on this website and schedule a free trial class 🙂

See you soon…

Master Zohar